Zakład Usług Specjalistycznych SPEC-SERWIS Chrapkowscy s.c.

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registered office ul. F. Blumwego 19, 85-862 Bydgoszcz

branch: ul. Sporna 10, 85-715 Bydgoszcz

telephone: +48 (52) 374 86 98; 601 664 530

fax: +48 (52) 374 86 98




Category of activity:

- Fire protection, Health and Safety

Information about company:

SPEC-SERVICE Chrapkowscy sc is a specialist trade and services company operating in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region.
We are sales representatives for the following companies:
• Grodkowskich Metal Products Works SA in Grodków
• Top Design in Sopot
• Katowice Metal Products Works Ogniochron SA
We are authorized dealers for: GZWM SA, KZWM Ogniochron, Boxmet, Gloria, GAZTECH, SUPRON 3.
We work with SUPRON 3, SUPRON 1, SUPON, IM-POL, SIM Health and Safety, Vera, NADZIEJA, Protekta, Top Design in Chwaszczyno, Productos Climax of Spain.
In our range we have:
- handheld fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, wheeled units, fire blankets)
- water fittings (hoses, base, connectors, nozzles, valves)
- hydrants
- fire safety, health and safety, and escape signs
- health and safety, and fire instructions
- clothing and safety products (gloves, disposable clothing)
- respiratory protective equipment (masks, respirators, absorbers, filters, etc.)
- specialist work clothing, Lewer footwear (also for welders)
- specialist clothing and equipment for welders
- protection equipment for working at heights
- towels, cleaning products (VOIGT, Katrin, Dreumex, Sintan)
- eye washers and health and safety showers
- first aid kits, absorbents
We provide the following services:
- inspections, maintenance and repair of portable fire extinguishers and fixed fire-fighting equipment
- professional performance measurements of the hydrant system, along with full documentation of results,
- leak test and  pressure test of hydrant hoses,
- review of maintenance of fire alarm systems (sensors, control units) and fire partitions
- equipping premises with fire-fighting equipment and laying out and signage of evacuation routes
- marking technological lines
- health and safety, and fire training
- blast cleaning
- powder coating
- refilling CO2 cylinders, cylinder supervision
- made to order signs and plaques.
- developing and updating the Fire Safety Manual
All support services are performed under license from the manufacturers (authorization) using only factory parts and extinguishing agents, by skilled workers.
We carry out health and safety and fire signage of premises according to Fire Safety Instructions.
The company has liability insurance.

Bydgoski Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny Sp. z o.o.,  ul. Bogdana Raczkowskiego 11, 85-825 Bydgoszcz (Poland)
phone: + 48 52 365 33 10, fax: + 48 52 365 33 17, REGON (Company no.): 340011279
NIP (VAT Reg. no.): 953-249-38-87, Company\'s share capital: 72 973 000.00 PLN
District Court in Bydgoszcz, 13th Economic Division of the National Court Register
KRS (National Court Registry no.) 0000237714

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