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Yesterday, in the presence of the Mayor of Bydgoszcz, Konstanty Dombrowicz, and the Chairwoman of the City Council, Dorota Jakuta, at the registered office of BPP, the building site was transferred to the contractor and the supervisors of the project "The development of technical infrastructure of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park". Thus, the largest investment project in the Company's history was launched.

Apart from local government authorities, the celebration was also attended by representatives of the contractor, i.e. Strabag Sp. z o.o., representatives of companies responsible for the project architect's supervision, and the investor's supervision – Melbud and Bud-Invent, shareholders of BPP, enterprises operating within the area of the Park, and the media. It began with welcoming the guests by Company Management Board Member, Roman Woźniak, and the handing over of the site preparation acceptance report by the Project Manager acting on behalf of BPP, Piotr Bronisławski. Right after that, the guests went to the future building site located near the Company's registered office. This was where the first symbolic "spade" was dug into the ground by the Mayor, Konstanty Dombrowicz, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BPP, Piotr Stachowski. A digger was also started which was first "baptised" with a bottle of champagne by the Chairwoman of the City Council. "We are glad that the Company is beginning a new stage in its development," said the Mayor. "Thanks to this project the business activity conditions for companies will improve, which means new opportunities for other investors. And new investors in the Park means new benefits for the city budget and new jobs for the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz".

The project "The development of technical infrastructure of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park" is being carried out as part of the Regional Operational Programme of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province for the years 2007-2013 Priority 5. Measure 5.6. The task involves development of a part of BPP's grounds with new infrastructural networks and, thus, extension of the economic space for investors. The material scope includes, e.g. the construction of 7.3 km of roads with lighting, pavements and bicycle tracks, 5.7 km of water-pipe network with drinking water, 4.8 km of water-pipe network with industrial water, over 8 km of sewage system, 10 km of storm water drainage system, construction of a pumping station, and rebuilding of road and railway junctions, as well as the design of a heat distribution network and a telecommunications network. As a result of the investment, the Park area will also be connected to national road S-10. The project is to be accomplished by 30th September 2011.

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Transferring the building site to Strabag


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