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For the fourth time, the companies operating in the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park gathered at the Forum of Investors and Lessees of BPP. The Forum included the presentation of the implementation stage of the project "The development of technical infrastructure of BPP" and the concept of establishing the "Synergia" Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer.

The meeting was held on Thursday 9th December in a conference room at the "Chemik" Hotel. It was opened with the presentation of the project of infrastructure development showing, e.g. the course of construction work connected with laying the water and sewage systems and preparing the surfaces for new roads. "The work will continue while weather is favourable. Laying of the road surface, however, is planned for the following year," said the Project Manager, acting on behalf of BPP, Piotr Bronisławski.

During the meeting, the participants were presented with the concept of establishing the "Synergia" Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, in connection with transferring BPP into the Industrial and Technological Park. This involves the location of the Centre in an adapted building of a former Chemical School, where, e.g. the Enterprise Incubator and the Technological Incubator would be located, together with laboratories, training rooms and offices. The possibilities of cooperation between science and business were also mentioned, on behalf of one of BPP's shareholders, by Marek Bieliński, D.Sc. Eng., the Vice Rector for Cooperation with the Economy of the University of Technology and Life Sciences.

The members of the Forum of Investors and Lessees welcomed the new companies which have decided to invest in the area of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park. These include the following: DSS Interacciai – a company with Italian capital acting as a distributor of high-class steel, and LifoColor Farbplast – a well-known producer of dye concentrates. Both are planning to begin preparations in 2011 to build modern industrial plants.


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