Presentation of the new Genderka Styrofoam production plant in BPP

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The beginning of the year was rich in events happening in the Industrial Park. Last Friday, i.e. on 5th February 2010, a presentation celebration was held of the new Genderka Styrofoam production plant located within the area of the Bydgoszcz Industrial Park.

We are very happy that the area of BPP was chosen as the location of the investment and, especially, that, thanks to the involvement of Genderka, we are able today to look at a modern and well-equipped production plant. The companies investing in BPP confirm that, even during the present unfavourable economic situation, it is possible to carry out successful investments.

We would like to express our thanks once again to the Management Board of Genderka for inviting us to take part in the celebration, and for partly letting us in on the secret of Styrofoam production. We also congratulate the company on its success so far, and wish it further business success in the future.


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