Training programmes and internship in companies in BPPT - meeting report

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 On Thursday, that is July 5, 2012, a meeting with representatives of companies and Bydgoszcz vocational schools took place as part of discussing the project concerning unpaid training programmes and paid internship in the head office of BPPT.

In upcoming weeks, the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, in cooperation with the Polish Economic Society in Bydgoszcz, is going to apply to the Office of the Marshal of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province for subsidising the project in order to enhance the attractiveness and quality of vocational education. Ultimately, the whole project is supposed to be financed from European Union resources as part of Measure 9.2 of the Human Capital Operational Programme: Improving the attractiveness and quality of vocational education. Allocation of financial resources of as much as 15 million PLN. The predicted deadline for applying for financial support for the project is July 31.

"This project is supposed to be the answer to the question of how schools and enterprises should cooperate in the area of vocational training programmes and internship," says Grzegorz Grześkiewicz from the Polish Economic Society (PTE).


According to the project of BPPT and PTE, the students of Bydgoszcz vocational schools and technical high schools in the Bydgoszcz District will be enabled to undergo unpaid training programmes and paid internships in investors' companies in BPPT.

The initiative of BPPT and PTE aroused much interest among local enterprises. The Thursday meeting in the company's head office was attended by representatives of both BPPT investors (Metalko, Genderka, SPX Flow Technology Poland, Bydgoska Fabryka Narzędzi “BEFANA” (Bydgoszcz Tools Factory)) and schools (Chemical School Complex, Economics and Administration School Complex, Mechanical School Complex No. 2, and Basic Vocational School No. 10). During the meeting the expectations of both parties – enterprises and representatives of schools – were discussed, along with issues concerning the execution of the project. The enterprises unanimously agree that participation in the project may bring both them and the schools only benefits.

"For a long time we have been looking for such a project, and joining the BPPT and PTE project might be for us an investment in future staff," Grażyna Skoczek, a representative of  SPX Flow Technology Poland, stated during the Thursday discussion. "We want to show young people that emigration to western countries in search for jobs does not have to be the only solution," she adds.

The goal of the BPPT and PTE project is clear – thanks to European Union funds enterprises in BPPT will enable trainees and interns to gain their first vocational experience without the enterprises' own financial contributions. However, the co-creators of the project make no effort to conceal that they are focused on interns. From among the target group of trainees and interns, at least 50 per cent of participants are supposed to avail themselves of the opportunity of paid summer internship. Financial support as part of the Human Capital Operational Programme encompasses not only interns and their supervisors' remuneration (including interns' travelling expenses), but also equipment and supplies used by trainees and interns during their work. The project also envisages the possibility of funding the actions of HRM experts and methodologists establishing training programmes and internship schedules. Ultimately, every internship is supposed to take at least 4 weeks with no continuity requirements. This means that the internship can be spread out over a longer period (2 weeks during winter holidays and 2 weeks during summer holidays). An intern's remuneration, depending on the number of working hours, is supposed to equal to at least minimum remuneration.

It is not the end of BPPT and PTE meetings with enterprises and representatives of vocational schools.

We encourage interested enterprises and schools to contact the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park.


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