Project ‘From a student to a master. On-job training and internships. Your professional career path starts already in May 2013.

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 On May 1, 2013 we launch a real-life execution of the project ‘From a student to a master. On-job training and internships as your professional career path’ which involves the organization of on-job training and internships for vocational school students in the companies located in BPPT and cooperating with it.

We execute the project together with the Polish Economic Society in Bydgoszcz with which on April 24, 2013 we held a meeting for our entrepreneurs. The investors got to know the assumptions of the project, the organizational principles of on-job training and internships as well as the schedule of the upcoming actions.

The project has emerged as an answer to the needs and problems of entrepreneurs and vocational schools, namely a lack of adjustment of the vocational schooling system and still developing economy, and thus the job market. The main objective of the project is therefore to enhance vocational qualifications and capacity for employment of 175 vocational school students from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province by participation in on-job training and internships.

The project ‘From a student to a master. On-job training and internships as your vocational career path’ is co-financed from the funds of the European Social Fund as part of the Operating Program Human Capital.


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