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Before a company or an individual entrepreneur begin their official activity and can invest in Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, a planned investment must go through several stages. Already during the negotiations and plot divisions, our investor can depend on support and assistance of BPPT specialists. We make every effort to get your new business in Poland immediately on the right tracks - from the administrative, formal point of view as well. We prepare the necessary documentation to finalize the sales agreement in a time and place convenient for you, help you get building permissions as well as all the obligatory decisions connected with the impact of the company on the environment. BPPT also offers its assistance in finding the right construction companies to conduct all the necessary work on your new plot.

Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park may also help you get tax exempts, thanks to the conditions of Special Economic Zone included within our business park areas, as well as benefit from location advantages, which make your investment profitability as high as possible. We are convinced that with our comprehensive, professional help, your company will quickly bring you the expected results, and will be all you want it to be and much more. Read the detailed information on how our specialists will put every effort in order to make investing in Poland easier, faster and more profitable.

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Negotiations and plot division

Enterprises interested in investments come to BPPT, which offers them a choice of locations and division of the plot with regard to its size and shape, according to each investor's individual requirements. Once all the details have been agreed, the Park prepares an application for plot division and files it with the Department of Property and Land Surveying of the Bydgoszcz City Office.

National agreement

Following all arrangements with regard to the plot location and size, as well as the issuing of a decision on the division of the plot by the Bydgoszcz City Office, BPPT prepares a sales agreement, the draft of which is submitted to a notary with a view to preparing a notarial deed. The final content is agreed with the buyer, as is the date of its signing, which is adjusted to the investor's timetable.

Decisions regarding environmental impact

One of the elements conditioning certain types of business activity is the so-called Decision on Environmental Impact, issued by the Bydgoszcz City Office. An investor has to apply for it at the design stage of the production plant. An enterprise locating within the area of BPPT is directed by us to a specialized section in the Department of Municipal Services and Environmental Protection of the Bydgoszcz City Office, where it is possible to obtain information on the necessity of the decision in a given case, and on all the documents needed.

Conditions for connection to the networks

At the stage of investment planning, the designer must apply to BPPT for technical conditions of connection to the networks, which will allow for proper connection to utilities, including the power supply. Our Park will provide the investor with all the data on the course of installations, and will arrange the locations with the administrators of individual networks. We will also direct the investor to the proper unit in the Department of Property and Land Surveying of the City Office, which provides a Map for Design Purposes, and we will facilitate contact with the City Roads and Public Transport Management in order to arrange the details regarding access roads to the future production plant.

Building permission

Having obtained the acceptance from BPPT on technical conditions of connection to the networks, the Investor (production plant designer) is directed to the proper unit of the Department of Construction Administration of the Bydgoszcz City Office, where it is possible to arrange all the necessary documentation (ZUD). Once the Investor has all the necessary documentation and the decision on environmental impact, as well as the opinion on connection to the networks, it is possible to file an application for building permission. If it is necessary to supplement the application, BPPT will help in obtaining any other additional documents.


The moment investment begins, the enterprise can may depend on information from BPPT on professional companies from Bydgoszcz and its neighbourhood which may be used as contractors and suppliers in the construction process. If necessary, we will facilitate contact with industrial organizations and associations, as well as with the Employment Agency with regard to staff recruitment. We will also place a recruitment advertisement free of charge on the website of the Forum of Investors and Lessees of BPPT.


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